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Nature preservation

Research and Nature preservation


Aalborg Zoo’s mission is to work for the preservation of biological diversity. This is accomplished in a process where knowledge about animals and nature is gathered and communicated internally through an international partnership between zoological gardens worldwide. Knowledge about the animals and their conditions are communicated to the zoo’s guests in an exciting and inspirational environment with the purpose of bringing people and nature closer together and thereby making them aware of our joint responsibility leading them to thereafter be actively involved in nature preservation work.



Aalborg Zoo will make the mission a reality by:

• Creating a good environment around the animals
• Creating an exciting and inviting environment around the audience, an environment that inspires learning more, taking responsibility, and being actively involved in nature preservation
• Having an open dialogue with the audience about all the relevant aspects of the zoo’s work and giving them an insight into the scope and depth of the work
• Contributing to research
• Actively participating in international research and breeding partnerships
• Participating in nature preservation locally as well as globally
• Participating in the international zoo fora.

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